jenn_shot1Hi! My name is Jenn Nahrstadt, and I’m glad you’ve come to investigate 30secondlife. I’ve learned some very valuable things in the last 15 years about myself and how all of us are wired for connection, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you. This life is full of opportunities to engage those around us, and choosing to do so will change you in ways you won’t expect.

When I first began to understand the principles of meaningful connection, I thought they only applied to my job in food service retail. When I began to apply what I had learned in that environment with other individuals I met throughout the day, I realized the tremendous transferrable nature of the concepts.

Cultivating relationships isn’t “rocket science,” but it does require intentionality, curiosity, and a firm commitment to avoiding prejudicial behavior. I’m making it sound serious, but it has brought so much joy to my life–join me and I’ll help you discover the potential for meaningful connection that’s all around you! Feel free to contact me with any questions at jenn@30secondlife.com. Welcome!

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